A designer reviews a chair prototype with two engineers
Two designers pressing plywood into a form using a jig
A designer pins research sketches on a wall during a design workshop
Designer reviewing prototypes parts
A designer interviews a client during a design workshop

Who we are

Circ was founded in 2021 by Swiss-Japanese designer Mugi Yamamoto and Canadian designer Eric Cross, with the motivation to make genuine contributions to the growth of the industry and a positive impact on the people and the planet.

We differentiate our design process through careful observation and consideration of end-users, prototyping and validating our ideas with full-scale mock-ups. This continuous process of investigating, experimenting and testing goes beyond product styling and helps us to address complex functional and usability challenges for our clients.

Current team

  1. Eric Cross
  2. Mugi Yamamoto
  3. Henry Shaw
Light shining through the window of our studio in the former french concession quarter of ShanghaiA portrait of Mugi Yamamoto and Eric Cross, founders of circ industrial design

Our process

Our work spans multiple sectors and design services including research, product strategy and industrial design. Each project that we collaborate on is unique and takes shape in a variety of ways.

01 / Discovery

  1. Market & user research
  2. Brief & project planning
  3. Design workshops
  4. Opportunity mapping

03 / Refinement

  1. Concept visualisation
  2. CAD modelling
  3. 1:1 Design models
  4. Colour, material & finish

02 / Definition

  1. Design language
  2. Concept generation
  3. 2D & 3D Sketching
  4. Functional prototyping

04 / Delivery

  1. Ongoing design support
  2. Manufacture liaison
  3. Branding & art direction

Our partners

Our studio is built on fostering lasting partnerships. We value the productivity of ongoing collaborations and exchanges with clients, manufacturers, suppliers and friends.

Our clients are often repeat customers and we always maintain open communication long after the design is finished to ensure that the vision is implemented and products are launched successfully.